Tire Care Tips for Tennessee

Here are a few tips on how to make your tires last longer.
Get the most out of your tires.

We're glad that you decided to check out Free Service Tire Company for your tire needs!Thanks to improvements in design and materials, today's passenger car and light truck tires last longer and wear better, with a quieter, smoother ride and better road manners than the tires of a generation ago. There are things you can do, though, to make sure your tires have a good, long service life:

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Wheel alignments
Wheel alignment refers to the angle of your front wheels relative to factory settings and to an imaginary straight line down the center of the vehicle. The critical alignment angles are toe-in, toe-out, caster and camber. When a wheel is skewed inward or outward (toe-in/out), it constantly tries to steer the vehicle to one side, resulting in that annoying pull on the steering wheel. That tire will also wear prematurely as it's dragged along by the vehicle...and wear due to poor alignment is not covered under a tire warranty. 

Wheel balancing
If you've got a wheel out of balance, you'll know it. That wheel will set up a vibration that might only be felt at certain speed ranges, or it could result in a teeth-rattling shake from the minute you get rolling. An out-of-balance wheel can also mean unevenly-worn tires in a "cupped "pattern. 


Tire rotations
No vehicle has 50/50 weight distribution from front to rear, and cornering and braking put different forces on front tires. That's why your tires should be rotated at 5,000 mile intervals to ensure even wear patterns. Some tires can just be rotated front-to-rear, while other tire designs call for an X-pattern rotation. Again, tires that haven't been rotated regularly aren't covered under tire warranties. 



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