Buy Michelin Tires at Free Service Tire Company in East Tennessee

Michelin Tires in TN

French-based Michelin got its start way back in 1889, when the Michelin brothers began making removable, easily-replaceable pneumatic tires for bicycles. Over the years, Michelin was first to market with the radial tire in 1946, and was responsible for innovations such as the first-ever metallic tire, first tubeless tire, first dual tires for heavy trucks and first Super Single tire to replace dual tires on heavy trucks. ‘

Today, Michelin is still responsible for innovations such as low-rolling-resistance tires, tires that use “green” technology and materials in the manufacturing process and research into the Tweel, an airless design for automotive tires. Michelin’s strategy is to maintain its lead over competitors by innovating faster and better, bringing new products to market quickly to help answer the challenges of the quickly-changing world of vehicles. With a strong worldwide dealer network and an impressive manufacturing and distribution structure, Michelin has earned their place at the top of the tire market.

At Free Service Tire Company, we’re proud to carry Michelin tires such as the:

  • Defender
  • Energy Saver A/S
  • Latitude
  • Pilot
  • Primacy
All of our Michelin tires are backed by Michelin’s warranty coverage (some of the best warranties in the business!) and, of course, are available in a wide range of sizes for various fitments and applications. Whether you drive a sedan, coupe, minivan, light truck, crossover, SUV or commercial vehicle, there’s a great Michelin tire waiting for you. Make an appointment with Free Service Tire Company to find out about a great set of Michelins for whatever you drive.