Buy Falken Tires at Free Service Tire Company in East Tennessee

Falken Tires in TN

Conceived as a high-performance sub-brand of respected Japanese tire maker Ohtsu, Falken soon started to make a real name for itself in motorsports, racking up victories in the racing and rally circuit. At Free Service Tire Company, we’re proud to carry Falken tires among our top brands! That includes tires such as:

  • The Azenis FK453, the latest generation of Falken’s ultra high-performance summer tires. The Azenis FK453’s tread pattern is optimized for phenomenal handling and steering response, and the sticky rubber formulation is silica-enriched for great wet or dry performance. It’s an exceptionally quiet tire with a comfortable ride, thanks to the latest developments in noise-suppression technology.
  • The Wildpeak A/T3W light truck tire, which combines aggressive off-road traction with great handling and road manners on the pavement. The tough tread design and silica rubber compound enable the A/T3W to shine in both off-road and winter conditions; among its innovations is a network of 3D Canyon Sipes for excellent wet traction.
  • The Sincera Touring SN211 is a touring tire that’s ideal for minivans, sedans, and coupes. This great-looking tire is available in a wide range of sizes for various fitments and is backed by a phenomenal 80,000-mile warranty.
  • Designed for pickups and SUVs, the Wildpeak H/T features a high-tension casing and stiff, wide steel belts for long wear and passenger car-like comfort. It blends a supple ride and great road manners with the kind of long wear and great load capacity you’d expect from a light truck tire.
  • The all-new Azenis FK450 All-Season is specifically designed for coupes, sedans and minivans and uses a wide array of advanced design ideas for fantastic traction and performance in dry, wet or wintry conditions. The Azenis FK450 All-Season’s tread design uses slightly rounded shoulders and sculpted rib edges to channel water through the tire’s contact patch and optimize on-road feel in wet weather.

Come see our selection of Falken tires at all of Free Service Tire Company’s locations. We’ve been in the business for 100 years now and wouldn’t handle any brand if we didn’t feel confident about it, and that includes Falken!