Winter Tires in Knoxville TN

November 17th, 2016

A generation ago, winter tires meant the heavy, noisy, clumsy “mud grips” or “snow tires” that might have been on the back of your dad’s Ford wagon. Today, it’s Winter Tires in Knoxville TN a different ball game.

The best winter tires today actually rival all-season or even performance tires when it comes to noise level, ride quality, handling and road manners. But what is it that makes winter tires so different?

--Winter tires are designed with a softer tread compound. All-season tires or summer tires will stiffen in cold weather, reducing their traction. The softer, more pliable rubber of winter tires can conform better and offer better traction in ice, snow and slush. The downside is that winter tires will wear quickly in temperatures above 40 degrees, and will need to be changed.

--Winter tires feature a more aggressive tread pattern, designed to bite into snow and slush and help evacuate them past the tire’s contact patch to prevent hydroplaning. Winter tires also feature a dense network of sipes, hundreds of tiny slits in the tread that offer more surface area and more biting edges to dig into snow or slush. Some winter tires come pre-drilled to make it easy to install metal studs in the tread face…and metal studs are one of the only things that can even offer a fighting chance on ice.

At Free Service Tire Company, we carry tires from top brands like BFGoodrich, Michelin, Goodyear, Nokian, Pirelli and Continental, all of which offer top-notch winter tires. If you give winter tires a try, you’ll find a level of traction and control that you can’t even find with all-terrain truck tires and their knobby, chunky tread. Winter tires really are designed very specifically for winter conditions. You can’t always stay home when it’s snowing, but a good set of winter tires on your vehicle can at least help even the chances of getting through it safely. Have a look through our website at our selection of winter tires, or make an appointment with us at Free Service Tire Company and let us help you find the right set of winter tires for whatever you’re driving. 

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