What is a Wheel Alignment and When do you Need One?

June 1st, 2014

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On a smooth road, a vehicle should track on a straight path. If the vehicle pulls or veers to one side, it is time to check the alignment.

A vehicle’s tires become out of line by accidently hitting a curb or pothole. A minor accident or collision can impact the vehicle’s frame and cause more severe damage to the car’s alignment.

Sometimes, the degree of misalignment isn’t obvious, however, the slightly off-center orientation can prematurely wear out tires because of the constant drag placed on the tread. This premature wear can drastically reduce the life of the tire.

When a vehicle is out of line, the gas mileage suffers. Also, when the alignment on a vehicle is off, the steering can be more difficult, making it a safety hazard.

A wheel alignment is an adjustment made to the vehicle to ensure the tires are calibrated to point straight ahead. To check the alignment, the auto repair shop will place the vehicle on a platform that allows the wheels to spin while a computer calculates the orientation. Each vehicle make and model has manufacturer’s specification and the calculations are compared to proper specifications.

Most manufacturers recommend checking the vehicle’s alignment at least once a year by a reputable factory trained technician. For optimum vehicle performance, schedule your appointment at Free Service Tire to check your vehicle’s alignment.

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