There’s no suspense about suspension systems’ importance

August 16th, 2014

Suspension Repair TN & VAA suspension system keeps your vehicle from rocking, swaying or bouncing while allowing the steering system to guide the wheels independently of the vehicle’s frame. The suspension system also makes driving a pleasant and comfortable experience, instead of a scary and painful undertaking, by helping ensure that your car doesn’t bounce off the road when it hits a bump.

When your tires run over a bump, much of your car’s forward energy is directed vertically, pushing it upward. But the suspension system absorbs and redirects that upward thrust, keeping the tires on the ground and responsive to your steering.

However, absorbing that energy takes a toll on the springs, struts, shock absorbers and joints that make up your suspension system, and one part wearing out can affect the whole system.

Think of a new mattress. When you first bought your mattress, you could plop down on one side and your spouse would feel nary a jiggle. But as the mattress ages, its springs lose their tension, so if you jump on one side of the bed, you may send your spouse flying off of the other. As your car’s suspension system ages, the same thing can happen to it.

So check for telltale signs of suspension wear. If your front end dips noticeably when braking, or your vehicle rocks after stopping or bounces after hitting a bump or pothole, your suspension system may be failing. Uneven tire wear can also be a sign of a weakening suspension system.

A worn-out suspension system inhibits your car’s stability, handling and alignment. That can make driving dangerous, which brings us back to driving as a scary and painful undertaking – something we all want to avoid.

If you suspect your suspension is going bad, contact Free Service Tire to schedule repairs, or bring your vehicle in for an inspection.

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