Staying Safe in Ice and Snow

December 2nd, 2016

You know things can get pretty rough in the winters here in East Tennessee. Here’s a few reminders on how to stay safe in winter conditions.Driver Safety in Knoxville TN

--Keep your speed down and your following distances safe.

--Try to not overreact. Braking, steering and all reactions should be gradual.

--Don’t ever use cruise control if you’re on any sort of slippery surface, like wet pavement, snow or ice. You need complete control of the vehicle, and that includes the throttle.

--Make sure your tires are in good shape, with the proper inflation…and remember that tires actually lose pressure in low temperatures, since air contracts. You may want to consider winter tires, since winter tires have a more aggressive tread and a softer rubber formulation for traction in snow.

--Keep a well-stocked emergency kit in the vehicle. The kit should include jumper cables, flares, an ice scraper, a flashlight, warm clothes like a sweater and gloves, a bag of sand or kitty litter and a spare power bank for your cell phone.

--Make sure your cooling system is in good shape. You may need a cooling system flush to remove corrosion and scale from the water pump and radiator. Remember that the heater is part of the cooling system, and a healthy cooling system means a robust heater and defroster.

--Before the weather gets bad, make sure that all your glass is in good shape, install new windshield wipers and fill the windshield washer reservoir. Make sure that all headlights and taillights are in proper working order.

--Automotive batteries are stressed by cold weather. Subfreezing temperatures actually slow down the chemical reaction in the battery that allows it to store and deliver energy. In addition, cold weather thickens motor oil, making it harder to crank the engine. Make sure your battery and charging system are in good shape, and replace the battery if needed.

You can’t always stay home in wintertime, but you can at least up your chances of coming through it unscathed. Make an appointment with us at Free Service Tire Company and let’s make sure you’re up on preventive maintenance before the snow flies! 

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