Nokian Tires - Winter Road Warriors

September 22nd, 2016

About six years ago, on the recommendation of another company who had great experiences with the brand, Free Service Tire started carrying the Nokian brand of tires. Nokian is manufactured in Finland, by the same corporation that makes Nokia phones. Nokia is actually one of the oldest corporate names in Finland and Nokian has been in the tire business since 1932.

One thing we know about Finland is their infamous for their snow and harsh winters.  Nokian's winter tires consistently rate toward the top of test results in JD Power, Consumer Reports and other publications. Their tread wear, ride quality and road manners are on par with the best all-season tires, yet they offer traction in winter conditions that all-season tires or even all-terrain truck tires can’t match.

Their innovative tread designs offer incredible performance on snow and slush.  Some Nokian models are equipt with the benefit of having been pre-drilled to make it easy to mount studs for performance on ice; which Tennessee residents have the opportinuty to use from October through select dates in April.

Nokian tires are also “green” and the company is noted as being the first in the world to eliminate high-aromatic oils from the production process. In 2006, Nokian Tires received an award in the Finnish round of the European Business Awards for the Environment.

We stand behind Nokian not only because of their history, but because of their performance.  Our own companies president recommended Nokian Tires for his wife's vehicle that sports a set of Nokian WRG3's.  She has been so satisfied with them, she wouldn’t trade them for any other brand or tread design.

Tennessee’s winters may not be as long or as rough as those in Finland, but you know things can still get pretty tough in our part of the world. For drivers who are looking for true all-weather traction and performance for a sedan, crossover, SUV or minivan, Free Service Tire Company places Nokian right at the top of the list. With winter-optimized rubber formulations, aggressive tread patterns and dense networks of sipes, Nokian tires are designed to perform in difficult winter conditions and claw their way through snow, slush and ice. Nokian tires are available in a wide range of fitments for various applications, and truly offer superior performance in winter driving. Make an appointment at one of our Free Service Tire Company locations and find out what kind of difference Nokian tires can make for your vehicle. 

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