Inflate your tires with nitrogen for better performance and reliability!

February 16th, 2016

Nitrogen Inflated Tires TN & VABecause your vehicle's tires are so critical to your ability to drive safely, you want your tires to perform as reliably as possible. One way to increase their reliability is to fill them with nitrogen rather than air.

Oxygen carries moisture, so tires filled with it may promote corrosion and rust of wheel metals. Corrosion and rust, in turn, can damage a wheel, thus inhibiting its performance and shortening its lifespan. Nitrogen, on the other hand, doesn’t support moisture, so it helps prevent wheels’ corrosion and rust. And that means it helps lengthen their useful service life.

Although tires should be maintained at a constant pressure, oxygen seeps out of them over time. (It’s estimated that tires filled with air lose about 1 lb PSI per month.) Nitrogen doesn’t permeate tire walls nearly as well as oxygen, so using nitrogen greatly reduces the amount of tire pressure lost over time. So nitrogen-filled tires hold pressure steady longer than those filled with air do.

A more consistent tire pressure means the surface area of the tires contacting the road stays constant, which enhances your car’s safe handling. Having a consistent tire road area also results in less tire wear. That translates into longer tire life, which translates into not having to purchase new tires as often, which translates into money saved!

It’s estimated that keeping tires properly inflated increases your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by as much as three percent. Filling your tires with nitrogen ensures that your tires stay inflated to the proper pressure longer, so you can rely on them to save you money on gas over time.

Knowing your tires’ pressure is hoding steady for longer periods means you can be confident in the reliability of your tires’ performance. And since under-inflation is the No. 1 cause of tire failure, that’s important to your driving safety – and to your peace of mind.

At Free Service Tire, we know how important your tires’ reliability and performance are to you. That’s why we offer nitrogen inflation services. So if you are interested in reducing your tires’ wear, improving their road handling capabilities, enhancing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and increasing the service life of your tires and wheels, contact us today about having your tires filled with nitrogen! For your convenience, we have many locations to choose from in East Tennessee. You can find the shop closest to you at, call us in Knoxville at 800-388-1103 or in the Tri-Cities at 800-444-7182, or schedule an appointment online at

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