Have your car’s air conditioner serviced before you really need it!

April 30th, 2015

Auto A/C Repair TN & VALast week, we enjoyed some cool spring weather. But now, Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial start of summer – has come and gone, which means hot weather is just around the corner. And on that first real scorcher of a summer day, the last thing you want to find out is that your car’s air conditioner has stopped working after a long winter’s layoff.

And even if your AC works the first time you need it this summer, that’s no guarantee it will be operating at its peak by summer’s end. Air conditioning systems lose between 5 to 15 percent of their efficiency each year because of leaks in the lines, hoses, O-rings, and the compressor shaft’s seal, all of which dry out over time. (Helpful hint: Periodically running your car’s air conditioner throughout the year – no matter what the temperature outside – helps maintain your system’s integrity by preventing hoses, O-rings and seals from drying out.)

If you don’t use your AC often, these components will dry out quicker, allowing the leaks to grow, and your system will lose most of its capacity to cool your car. However, with regular tune-ups, your air conditioning can be kept at close to its original efficiency.

So, at a minimum, you should have your car’s HVAC system checked no less than every other year. And if you haven’t had your AC serviced lately, now, while the temperatures are still fairly mild, is the time to have it done at Free Service Tire.

In addition to making sure your system has enough refrigerant (and topping it off, if needed), our technicians will check the hoses, lines, rings and seals for leakage and repair or replace them if necessary, test the compressor’s drive belt for looseness and signs of aging, and check the function of the compressor, condenser, drier, evaporator and expansion valve. They will also check the system’s pressure and the outlet temperatures to ensure that the output will keep your vehicle as cool as you desire.

Do you want to find yourself in mid-summer, with the afternoon sun blazing down on you as you leave work, sweating through your shirt as you walk across the parking lot’s blistering asphalt, expecting cool relief to flow from your car’s AC vents, only to have them blow air more like the blast from a furnace?

If that image doesn’t appeal to you, give us a call today at any of our area locations to schedule an appointment to let our qualified technicians check out and service your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Then you can count on the reliability of its cool comfort all summer long!

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