Common sense tips to lengthen your car's life

May 13th, 2016

Auto Repair Tips & TricksWe all hope our vehicles will last a long time, right? And we all hope to avoid having to pay costly repairs to keep our cars running longer, too. By following some simple, common-sense tips to maintain your car, you can lengthen its life without digging too deeply into your wallet.

Perform regular upkeep and maintenance.One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to ensure your vehicle stays on the road for years to come is to vigilantly pursue its upkeep and maintenance schedule. All vehicles require periodic work, such as oil and air filter changes, radiator flushing, hose and belt replacement and tire rotation. It isn’t flashy, but just following the recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual will keep your car running longer at less cost to you.

Bonus tip: If you have trouble keeping track of your car’s required maintenance, let Free Service Tire’s “My Garage” service do it for you!

Keep tires properly inflated and examine them for wear.Believe it or not, a great, inexpensive way to lengthen your car’s life is to keep its tires at the manufacturer’s recommended PSI and to frequently examine them for signs of wear or damage. Under-inflated tires wear out much faster than properly inflated tires, meaning you will have to buy new ones more often. Also, under-inflated tires are a major cause of tire blowouts, which can be very costly – not to mention dangerous. Finally, improperly inflated tires will wear unevenly, which can throw the tires out of balance, which can then affect the vehicle’s suspension ad alignment, which – well, you get the idea: Taking good care of your tires will keep your car rolling on the road longer.

Clean vehicle interior and exterior. Another inexpensive way to keep your car fit to drive longer is to keep both its interior and exterior clean. It may not seem like a clean interior lengthens a car’s life, but built-up grit and grime cause abrasion, eventually creating holes in upholstery, cracks in molding and scratches on windows, which do lessen a car’s resale value and shorten its drivable life. And, of course, maintaining the paint and finish on the exterior protects a car from the elements and prevents rust and corrosion to its frame. Obviously, keeping your car rust-free absolutely will lengthen its useful life.

Drive responsibly.This shouldn’t need to be pointed out, but behaviors like driving under the influence, driving while distracted and driving aggressively can dramatically shorten your car’s life – and possibly yours as well. However, driving responsibly involves more than avoiding risky behavior. It also means not doing things like gunning the engine, slamming on the brakes, or taking turns too fast, because actions like these greatly increase the wear and tear on your car’s many parts and systems. More wear and tear means a shorter life expectancy for your car. So drive responsibly, and your car will last longer.

Applying these tips will help extend the life of your car. Most of them just require a bit of diligence and care from you, the owner/driver. However, for those items that require a mechanic’s assistance, Free Service Tire is ready to help. Find one of our locations near you hereand make an appointment, or schedule your appointment online. We hope to serve you soon.

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