Buy BFGoodrich Tires at Free Service Tire Company in East Tennessee

BFGoodrich Tires in TN

You may not know it, but BFGoodrich has been responsible for many, many firsts in the tire world. In 1903, the first vehicle to cross the United States (a Winton) was equipped with BFGoodrich tires. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh’s famed Spirit of St Louis had BFGoodrich tires on its landing gear, and 50 years later the Columbia Space Shuttle was designed with BFGoodrich tires for its space missions.

At Free Service Tire Company, you can find great BFGoodrich tires such as:

  • The popular Advantage T/A, BFGoodrich’s Grand Touring tire  which combines sporty looks and handling with excellent road manners and all-weather traction. The Advantage T/A uses a silica tread compound and a symmetric design that incorporates BFGoodrich’s gGrip interlocking sipes for phenomenal wet-weather roadholding ability.
  • The Long Trail T/A, a touring tire for light trucks and SUVs that rivals the best passenger car tires for comfort and handling. The Long Trail T/A uses an all-season rubber formulation and symmetric tread pattern with independent shoulder blocks, notched intermediate ribs and a rigid center rib for precie cornering and handling.
  • Drivers of muscle cars and street rods love the Radial T/A, BFGoodrich’s white-letter performance all-season tire. The Radial T/A combines classic-car looks with modern innovations for up-to-date ride and performance. BF Goodrich’s ETEC (Equal Tension Containment System) uses spiral-wound nylon to stabilize the tread area and ensure long wear and predictable handling.
  • BFGoodrich’s Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 is a tough light truck tire with a chunky, high-void tread pattern for serious off-road use. Self-cleaning tread blocks and linear transverse flex zones allow the tire to conform to rocks and obstacles for aired-down off-road use, with twin steel belts and BFGoodich’s three-ply TriGard casing and sidewall cords for resistance to chunks, tears and punctures.

At Free Service Tire Company, we’ve been in business for almost 100 years and we wouldn’t handle a tire line if we didn’t have complete confidence in their products. BFGoodrich’s reputation speaks for itself, and we’re proud to offer BFGoodrich tires in a wide range of sizes for various fitments…at a price point you’ll love!