Auto Repair and Tire Service in Tennessee


Free Service Tire & Auto CenterIn June of 1919, Dan Wexler, Sr. ran a newspaper ad announcing the establishment of his business on Buffalo Street in Johnson City, Tennessee. The automobile was not very reliable in those days. Tires were bad, radiators often needed water, and the gasoline gauge had not yet been invented. The auto was constantly in need of service, "Free Service" as far as Dan Wexler was concerned.

A fleet of blue and yellow motorcycles with sidecars containing air, water, and gasoline were dispatched to aid the stranded motorists whose vehicles had failed them. The only charge was for the gasoline and tire patches. The remainder was "free service," thus the beginning of Free Service Tire Company, a company whose business was based on service.

Free Service Tire and Auto Center Michelin<sup>®</sup>Now, three generations later, the business is still based on service. Still under the same Wexler family name, and still headquartered in Johnson City.

Since 1919, Free Service Tire Company has grown and expanded to ten retail stores and four wholesale centers in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. Two truck tire centers service the tri-state area of Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Kentucky. The company also has two retread plants, including the only off-the-road retread plant in East Tennessee.

The Free Service motto, "If it's not right, we make it right," is strictly adhered to. Although the blue and yellow motorcycles with sidecars are no longer in service, the spirit of the fleet still exists at Free Service Tire, a company built on service...and thriving on service.

We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Free Service Tire Company